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Upping boost?

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Would it safe to up my boost of my 2011 wrx higher then 17lbs I'm now stock boost 14.~ Just wondering if installed a wideband and got a boost controller of some sort. Also upgraded my fuel pump to warlbro 255 if I could push a few more pounds then 17.....
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The stock injectors run out around 18.5psi in cold weather. You aren't going to get much more out of it till you swap injectors.

If you do turn it up, use an accessport/accesstuner or romraider and log log log.

I copied in the sti stage 1 timing maps and bumped boost and wgdc to hit 18 in my map. Still stock intake and exhaust, but I upgraded my tmic to the big Grimmspeed one.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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