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so for this is the list that r going let me now if it a yes r no and if you now any others that r comeing and i can add them to the list i know that some of you r on some of the other boards that i have this on so let me know that to so i ant counting you 2s.

subie jon yes
boosted4 yes
joellg yes
supersubie81 yes
notyab yes
btlfedr/t is bring about 3 th 6 of his r/t club members it my brother so there.
and about 3 others right
jassli maybe
see the below for all the newest updates.

all the updates so i dont get noone mad at me .

its still july 17th at 10:00am till 4:00pm and if anyone wants to there is a car cruse is grant city ill at 6:00pm till9:00pm at the hardees at 3249 w. chain of rocks rd. I270 ans route3 .ill talk more about that the day of the show. its $10.00 per car cash bar and cash food there will be hamburgers cheesburgers hot dogs, fries. and others. as of right i have a $25.00 gift certificate to a speed shop in cal. all so might be getting some dyno time give aways to axis and the money thats lift over ill put in a big pot and raffle that off. its in millstat ill the add. is 200 veterans dr. millstadt,ill 62260. i think thats all for know if you see some thing i missed let me know. i hope to see you there. if you need dections call me at 618 410 6703 ill do me best to help you grt there .or go to map quest. it wont let me put a link on this site. and just bring the money to the show. and please for your sake dont do any hting stuped in millstat because the cops there r a holes i have talked to the mayor of millstat so he is going to talk to the cops but hows to say what they will do.


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This is easier to read btw....

Date: July 17th, request off *****es

Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

After Cruise: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Price: 10 dollars at entrance, food will be available inside but will cost $.nothing over $2.00

Giveaways: 25$ gift card to a speed shop, possible free dyno time, and a
raffle at then end with the leftover $.

Address: 200 Veterans Dr
Millstadt, IL 62260

Contact Info: 618-410-6703

Cautions: Millstadt is a small town, police are bored typically. Things to keep in mind, dont go around town rev'n each other, peeling out, speeding, anything along those lines... We wont have too much to worry because we should have any rice dumbasses.
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