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i have read all the different stickies forums comments posts threads etc...I am unable to read my ecu with ecu flash.

[09:06:32.268] J2534 API Version: 04.04
[09:06:32.268] J2534 DLL Version: 0.50.2598 Jun 26 2009 15:02:29
[09:06:32.268] Device Firmware Version: 1.10.3020
[09:06:33.660] kernel get version
[09:06:33.862] SSM2 init
[09:06:34.065] interface close
[09:06:34.081] interface close

i continue to get this error.

i have an 08 subaru wrx. i have gotten romraider to work just fine and been able to log and so forth. I have connected the green connector on the passenger side. (there isnt one on the driver side unless it is invisible, accept for a green connector similiar to the passenger side one, butttt its already connected from the factory.)

any suggestions?? i have also read that my year you dont even have to necessarily connect any connectors for it to work. I ahve been able to get the same results with the passenger side connector plugged and unplugged so im not sure wtf i am doing wrong. Since romraider worked i know i have ecuflash installed properly so i dont know what to say here. helllp?

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You shouldn't need to connect anything to flash an '08 WRX
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