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I took my (*already) damaged wheel to JUST TIRES to have them simply take the tire off, so I could go get my wheel fixed. I hit a large rock, which pushed out outter edge of the rim in about an inch & a half.

So, I sat and watched the guy put the rim on the machine.

The first step is to break the bead.
This process needs the wheel to be turned a few times, as to break the bead all the way around (both sides). Everytime the guy turned the wheel and put it back into the machine; he was swinging the edge of the wheel into the metal housing of the machine!

MY BLOOD STARTED TO BOIL: as I sat there watching my high dollar (Volk) wheel got abused. Not knowing if this truly was causing any damage, and not wanting to seem too anal I didn't say anything, I watched on.

The second step is to peel the tire off the rim.
To do this the wheel is placed ontop of the machine where four opposing-simultaneously moving pieces grab the edge of the wheel. He placed two of the four grabbers on one side of the wheel. But, as the guy pushed the hydrolic foot pedal; to move the other two grabbers in to the edge, he missed - a few times (*rotating the wheel into supposedly a better position between attempts). The two grabbers past the edge/rim of the wheel (where they were supposed to grab) and these two metal grabber pieces of the machine slid over/past to the inside of my wheel (WITH THE WEIGHT OF THE TIRE/RIM SLIDING OVER THIS METAL GRABBER: IT SCRATCHED THE OUTSIDE CHROME RING)!

When the guy took my wheel off the machine and I saw the damage done-and pointed it out to him. He denied any responsability for the scratches. He even denied that he did that step a few times! So I asked to see the Manager. The manager denied that his "High Perf. Wheel Machine" could even cause the damage, because, "the grabbers do not move inside the wheel". So I asked him for a tape measure to show him that the distance of the scratches are the same distance as the machine grabbers. He wouldn't give me a tape. So I had the wheel put back on the machine, and repeated the steps that the guy did; SHOWING HIM THAT THE GRABBERS CAN (and did) GO PAST THE EDGE, INTO THE INSIDE. He still denied responsability!

So I said fine... I'll give you your $5 bucks for the removal of the tire, and sue your lying ass. And he responded with they charge $15! I'm thinking, "yeah right $15!", but I wanted a receipt for proof that they did "work" (damage). So I offered up a $20.00 bill and asked for a receipt. They directed me to the ofc. When I entered the price list up on the wall said $8 bucks for the job done. So I inquired, "$8 bucks for the removal, and $7 for the damage you caused?". Thats when the owner came out. I asked him for a receipt-he asked for my name, and I refused (two can play this stupid game). He said I cannot give an invoice for cash w/o a name. This went on and on. I stopped him and said I'm not looking for compensation for the damage your employee caused. I'm simply looking for an apology, and for them to be honest and admit that they did cause damage. No deal.

I wound up leaving with it said that they've just bought themselves some REALLY BAD PUBLICITY!

NOW NOTE: I have to get my wheel fixed anyway, and the damage they did will be repaired when I get the huge dent I put in it. But that doesnt excuse the fact that they added damage.

My point is a WARNING: JUST TIRES totally lied, saying that their "High Perf. wheel machine" could not possibly do ANY damage to a wheel. Even after I showed them two different ways how it did.

SUGGESTION: Stay away from LOW BUDGET companies like JUST TIRES. They employ mental midgets, whose Managers & Owners don't know how to tell the truth.


Simple fix (for the machine)...would be to cover those grabber pieces w/ duct tape. Or better yet find better service, with a company that employs more intelligent workers.
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