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I have a well-maintained 2007 WRX wagon with about 62K miles. In the last month or so, I get two new noises, intermittently:

1. When decelerating in gear, I frequently but not always get a pronounced rattling sound.
2. When shifting gears (not going into first from a stop but any other shift) I frequently but not always get a clunk. This does not occur if I "baby" the shift.

I have had the car to the dealer twice; the first time they said they could not hear either sound; the second time they stated it was "noisy synchros" and to shift gently and not to worry about it.

Any thoughts? I don't put a lot of mileage on the car but love it and want to keep it another 5 years or so if I can.

Any recommendations for a good shop to diagnose this (dealer or private) in Fairfield county CT or Westchester county NY?

Thanks in advance. I will also post on CT and NY regional forums.
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