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I had my speakers installed a few weeks back. Tweeters & components etc.

Last week I left my window cracked and it started raining, came out and my car had gotten wet on the inside. Dried it up, no biggie. Then I noticed that my sound wasn't as good.......the tweeter isn't working on the drivers door.

So I took the door apart to see if a wire had come loose, nope. I hit the side if the door (in the middle) and suddenly the tweeter starts working:confused1 . So I put it back together, then it happened again so I hit the door and bingo it works........but this is getting annoying.

My thoughts are that it is possibly a ground gone bad. It can't be the speaker, if it were then hitting the door wouldnt cause it to work. I guess im gonna go back into circuit city tomorrow and have them check it out. They did the job, so they are required to fix it:wiggles: .
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