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The purpose of this thread is to explain how to properly change the thread title of a thread that YOU started...

One would think that you would edit a thread title by simply clicking the edit button on your initial thread post and make your edits there. However, this will only change the way your thread title appears when you are IN the thread. It will not change the way your thread title appears on the main forum page. The following instructions will ensure you fix how your thread appears on the actual forum view. However, you have only a limited time to do it. Typically before others start posting in your thread.

Note: This ONLY work if done within the first 5 minutes after you create the thread.
1) Go to the "Forum View".
This is where your thread is listed along with the others in that particular forum.
(In example; This would be the forum view for the New Member Hangout.)

2) Then move your cursor just to the right of your thread title.

Making sure your cursor is NOT actually on the words of your thread title but in the blank area to the right.

3) Double Click. You should then see something like this:

4) Make your correction and then press return or click your cursor off to the side again.

5) Done.

If you were not able to fix your thread title using these steps then you have two options:
1) Ask one of the moderators of that forum to fix it for you.
2) Delete your thread and start a new one.
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Not open for further replies.