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We have just received shipment of the all new Turbo XS Uppipe.Below is all the information directly from TX.>>>

TurboXS Uppipes are manufactured to exacting standards from the same cast iron as the factory manifold, to maintain the same quality, expansion and fitment characteristics. By removing the restrictive factory catalytic converter uppipe, you will increase exhaust flow to the turbocharger, increase HP, reduce turbo lag, and eliminate the chances of a damaged catalytic converter destroying the turbocharger.

The thickness of the TXS Cast Iron Uppipe offers superior heat retention properties over a thinner stainless steel version, maintains more exhaust energy, increases turbo performance and reduces fatigue.

Why is the retention of heat so important? Heat is energy and since Subaru located the turbocharger so far from the exhaust ports, keeping heat in the exhaust is critical for turbocharger performance.

Why is the uppipe inner diameter critical? TurboXS uses an inner diameter of 45mm, which happens to be the inner diameter of your turbochargers exhaust inlet. This promotes the best possible performance throughout the entire RPM range by maintaining exhaust velocity. Over sizing the inner diameter of the uppipe slows exhaust velocity and creates turbulence as it enters the smaller inlet of the turbocharger, ultimately hurting turbocharger spool up. Exhaust velocity is critical!

Each uppipe is black anodized to for corrosion protection. Extra thick CNC machined flanges ensure proper exhaust gas sealing that has plagued so many other stainless steel uppipe designs. This uppipe will last the test of time!

TurboXS Cat-less Uppipe includes new studs, a factory exhaust gas temperature probe bung, and a secondary cast bung.

Please call to order. we accept visa/mastercard and paypal.

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