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This is going to be long, but I'll write it up as clearly as possible. I've hit a wall with ideas as to what is causing periodic smoke to rise from my turbo. When I first swapped out the stocker dp for my scoobysport one, everything ran fine. I had to take the car in for some work and decided to change back to the stock dp. When I did I began to notice, every so often smoke would rise from the hood scoop. It's smelt like burning oil, ie: when you spill some on your block during an oil change and it heats up. Since then I've put the ss dp back on and the problem is still present.

I've looked at the turbo, lines, hoses from every angle, without disasembling the thing, and concluded that the oil seemed to be seeping out from the bottom bolt on the dp side of the turbo housing. I realized that there shouldn't be oil in the exhaust housing... So I ordered a new OEM turbo-dp gasket, but before I installed it I did a flury of searches. So yesterday I swapped out the old rusty gasket for a shinny new OEM gasket.

While I had the dp and IC off I made some observations:
1. There was a very thin coating of oil on the compresser - IC of the turbo, and very thin coating on the TB. From what I've read this is normal
2. I wiggled the shaft of the turbine, and there was no shaft play. none. It also sun fine, no funny noises
3. There was good evidence of burnt oil in the exhaust housing of the turbo, plus it smelled like burnt oil. I checked the dp bellmouth and also noticed alot of black soot.
4. The old gasket had an orange ting to it, it also smelt like burnt oil
5. The only time I've seen black smoke from the tailpipe was during startup. But it's rare, mostly the exhaust is smoke-free.

So after putting in a new gasket, the problem still remains. Although a lot less smoke than before. I've only had my accessport for <1week, and the problem hasn't worsened or lessened. Now the funny thing is, the turbo does't always smoke. It only does it, it seems like, after I go on boost

This thread has been a great reference, and from what I've gathered I can think of a couple reasons:
Either I have a leaky oil seal in the turbo, or I have a partially block oil return line, or I'm getting blow by during boost in which case a catch can is in order.

I'm not concerned about the pistons or engine internals....yet. The car runs fine, boost builds quick and my gauge read 15-16psi on the nose(cobb stg 2).

So if any of you are still reading this, thank you for coming this far. But I'm stumped as to what is the cause of this, and I hope anybody has ideas on what could be wrong?!

thanks again for reading my novel

edit: some new info
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