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Turbo Knocking Noise?

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So guys i've come across this noise, a sort of mechanical knock, coming from what sounds like my turbo which started maybe 4 days ago and progressively got worse, and I stopped driving it the day after it occurred. I'm not sure if this is the same noise that I would hear before it became a problem, which was a clinging for lasting between 2000-1800 rpms during my downshifts while the revs were falling. About 4 days ago i heard the noise starting to get a little louder and would happen when the car was at idle at random occurrences a few seconds at a time, then around an hour later it lasted the whole time following that until i got home where it started getting a little bit louder. It still only really occurs at idle or low rpms and doesn't really occur when accelerating so i'm pretty certain it can't be rod knock. So can you guys tell me if it is my turbo, can i get it rebuilt or just get a new one as well, thanks in advanced.

if you don't wanna read all that and just watch a video of the noise here it is
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