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Hey guys!

So I am about to go in and get my vehicle tuned! I have been debating for months but finally decided to get it done.

However, my last concern that I have been made aware of when talking to one tuner is that tuning a high mileage WRX can be risky.

I have a 2001 JDM WRX (Don't live in America) which has 202,000km on it.

When getting tuned, it will have a full engine service, leak down test etc but I have been advised to just go stage 1 and get a reflash, and don't do anymore.

I was wondering if anyone has tuned their WRXs with at around 120,000 Miles (200,000km) at stage 1 or stage 2?

I was planning on going stage 2 with 3 port EBCS, High Flow Bellmouth DP and a tune.

But now I am wary if it is going to cause me issues.

I have looked after car since I have owned it for last year and it has been pretty good thus far. Obviously I do not know previous history but if the leak test etc all come back good, would I be fine to go stage 2?

And what kind of power differences can I expect stage 1 vs stage 2.

Car is 247bhp stock, but I assume a lot of the improvement comes from increased torque at stage 1?
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