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We left Day 1 with a list of items to follow-up:

  1. Test and review the effect of water on course with cars doing multiple passes
  2. Work out spacing of cars (how many cars can we have safely on course at the same time)
  3. Look at where ruts are forming and find a solution
  4. Measure the distance and time the course
Luck would have it that we actually had a good amount of rain roll in about 3 hours prior to us making it out to the location. By the time I got out there, Lee was already dragging the skid through the course and snipping off any and all remaining protruding obstacles on path. Apparently according to Lee, they had also brought a water truck earlier in the day to actually water the course. With a little digging, we found out that the water soaked in approximately 3 inches into the ground, but we weren't sure if that was enough to suppress the dirt from forming dust clouds and potentially get us in trouble with our friendly neighbors.

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