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Truecar Prices too good to be true?

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Hi everyone, I've been a longtime lurker on clubwrx, trying to learn as much as I can before making my big purchase. I apologize if this thread should be in another other section.

I'm looking at purchasing a 2017 WRX soon. I went to truecar to see how much a Premium 6MT would cost with some options, and it came out about $750 below invoice. I asked a dealer if he could match the truecar price, but he said that he couldn't and would give $500 off invoice because they need to order it.

Has anyone gotten the truecar price on a factory ordered car with options they wanted?

Thanks! Hope to join the WRX family soon! :woocow:
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All the truecar stuff I've seen is way lower than is typically reasonable in my area as well. 500 off invoice is what I've seen is about par for the course

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I used Truecar and got the exact price they promised me... it was $1200 below invoice... even haggled another $500 off once i got there. (Im in Los Angeles btw since I know that makes a difference).

Honestly it was the easiest transaction i've done.
I got over $2K below TrueCar when I bought my Tacoma
I got just under the truecar price but it was for one on the lot.
It depends on the dealer. If I end up getting a WRX, I'm buying it from the dealer in Spartanburg, SC which is a TrueCar dealer... Meaning that they guarantee to match whatever price TrueCar shows.
Warning, long post...

We bought our first Subaru in 2014 using Truecar. Back then Truecar gave you three dealers, and the price from each dealer. It doesn't work like that anymore. Now, at least here in CT, you have to go to the dealer to get the price that dealer would charge for the vehicle. So, in 2014, you knew upfront who was cheapest, now you don't.

I did some reading on this. Truecar get roughly 299 for each car. That fee is paid by the dealer. Therefore, the dealers are their actual customers. The earlier Truecar model ad some dealers engaging in pricing wars to get the sale, and a movement began to drop Truecar. Truecar did right by their customers, changing to basing if the prices off MSRP, and making you have to contact a dealer to get their price. That works for the dealer, but if the dealers are making more it means we're paying more.

I believe in paying a fair price. I have an interest in my dealer being in business. So the old Truecar model appealed to me. I got a low price with no haggle. With the new pricing model I have to contact each dealer.

Last year I insisted my wife trade in her Forester for a newer one with eyesight. Our salesman gave us their truecar price on the vehicle, which he was getting from another local dealer. Now our first subarus were bought at this dealership, under the old truecar pricing they were the cheapest, and the closest. We got home after ordering the vehicle to an email from the other dealer (the one who actually had the car) and their price was significantly lower. In the earlier model this wouldn't have happened.

HAppy ending, we showed our salesman the email. He said, "Wow, that's your car. Wow, what a price. Obviously we'll match it"

I hope I haven't rambled too much. In my experience, the newer Truecar is nowhere near as beneficial to the end purchaser as the first version was. You used to be able to get a solid price with no haggle. That's no longer true.

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Thanks for all the replies guys. It looks like it really depends on the dealer you are working with.
I got ~$850 below dealer invoice on my 16 WRX which was below the true car range at the time. Costco got me $600 below. i called two dealers both back ordered on WRXs. One said Costco deal take it or leave it the other said lets talk and added like -$248 off when I talked in person. I put a deposit on one of the WRX they had coming arriving the next month :)
One key always be ready to walk away. Also I recomend digging up an old episode of this American life from a few years ago where they go behind the scenes at a jeep dealer. It really explains a lot about how dealers work (or at least jeep dealers).
Here it is :).
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