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Transmission Overhaul - 2004 Wrx Wagon

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Hi All,

I have a 2004 WRX Wagon 145k and decided to have the local dealership overhaul my transmission after hearing a high pitched winding noise when in 5th gear at 45+ MPH. Once inside they found metal fragments and pitting on the inside of the counter shaft. The total estimated labor is $2.5k and I'm wondering about whether I should have them replace the counter shaft and all related bearings, along with the main shaft (no suspected issues yet). Here are the quotes for parts:

$700 - 5th gear bearing and related parts only

$2400 - above parts plus counter shaft and all bearings that belong to it

$3140 main shaft and counter shaft (all the parts including bearings does NOT include synchronizers for gears and shift hubs which hold the synchronizers in, and the gears that are not a bearing surface)

Has anyone had issues with pitting in the counter shaft? How long can I go without addressing this problem?

I realize it's kinda crazy to sink so much money into my car, but it's in good shape and I'd like to keep it, restore it to like new, and not use it as my daily driver.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Hey there solpatrol,

I would not pay those prices, man.

I did a quick 10 second google search for transmission for your car and found several at 30-40% the cost you're looking at. Here's a link to what I was looking at:

Where are you located? I'd rather help you over some beers at my garage than see a fellow Subi pay over 3 grand for a transmission. Worst case, we could remove your trans and ship it in for a rebuild. Stay away from the dealer for something like this. I wish you all the luck in the world, man.
For that price they better be doing PPG gearing. Yeah try looking around for other quotes.
Thanks for the tips guys. I'm in Cali. Where would you recommend sending it for a rebuild?
Where in cali? Outfront motorsports is pretty reputable but might be a little expensive. They're located in buena park.
Thanks! I'm in Oakland, CA. Norcal unfortunately...
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