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Well... Finally got my car all back together after replacing the clutch and head gaskets and a few other parts. Had so many setbacks and problems doing this job it was insane.

To do the job I pulled the motor out but the motor would not separate from the transmission so ended up having to pull the trans as well and cut the rusted bolt off with a saw and drilling out the bolt.

Anyways now that it's all back together, I go for a drive and sure enough the transmission feels weird. The gear shifter was vibrating a lot more than usual. So I stopped at a friends place for about an hour then continue on and about 2 minutes out of his driveway it starts making grinding noise when you let off the throttle. I hit the highway and went into 5th gear and it started making a deep toned thumping noise and shaking a lot so I shifted back down to fourth to get home and it was still sounding weird and would grind.

So I'm thinking because when we tried taking the engine out we were prying between the transmission and engine to seperate it, maybe that could have bent the input shaft or ruined the bearing for the input shaft? Could that cause the shaking, vibrating and grinding noise?

Other than that could I have possibly installed the driveshaft or axle shafts wrong? Once they lined up it was pretty smooth going in, I didn't have to use any excessive force. Although I did have to replace one of the oil seals for the front axle shaft, I can't Imagine that would cause anything though.

Also before I replaced the oil seal I had the engine running a couple times, I didn't put it in gear and there was no high rpm's just starting the engine to test it while I waited for the oil seal to come in. There was some transmission fluid in it, it wasn't full but you could see it on the bottom of the dipstick so I thought it would be harmless. Could that have caused it?

Anyways I'm gonna pull the tranmission tonight or tomorrow morning so if anyone thinks I could fix this one cheaper than I could buy a new one let me know! I'll be buying a new one this week if it's really bad or if I can't figure out the problem with it.

Thanks for any input!
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