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Trailer hitch on WRX. Good or Bad idea?

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I just bought a 2018 WRX LTD and I wan to install a trailer hitch and possibly tow a pair of motorcycles (800lbs total). Is this a bad idea?
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The WRX is not rated to tow. The answer can only be no you shouldn't.

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Can it be done: Yes
Should you: No, but it is your car and your call. Dealer may reject drive train warranty claims if they know you've towed.
Good point. thanks for the reply
I tow with my 2017 STI all the time. I have no issues with power, stopping, turning, or high boost pressures or temps. The car does well, but try to keep it as light as possible. The trailer I bought is an all aluminum Aluma 6810; weighs in at 500lbs. I pull my dirt bike and camping gear about 3 1/2 hours one way and zero issues. I set the cruise at 74 on the highway and just cruise along.

The warranty aspect is something you'll have to be prepared for when the time comes. If the stock drivetrain can handle excess of 4-500whp on these heavily modded Subi's, pulling 1500 pounds isn't going to hurt a thing. It'll come down to how well you manage acceleration and deceleration with the weight. Be kind to your clutch when towing and you won't have issues. The only item in the drivetrain to worry about is the clutch and it's highly likely the OEM won't cover the clutch itself anyway. It's obviously going to wear out quicker, but again, that's something you've got to know and prepare for going in.

If you want to pull a trailer, go for it, man. Just be prepared. The car isn't going to let you down.

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Thanks for the response and for the picture. That trailer would be perfect for me.
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Thanks for the response and for the picture. That trailer would be perfect for me.
If you do be careful with tongue weight, do not store heavy stuff in the trunk and keep most of the weight over the trailer's axle(s).
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