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TPMS Question Summer/Winter wheel swapping

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Hi All,
Purchased a second set of wheels for my 2018 WRX Limited for my winter tires and had my local tire shop install tires and aftermarket programmable TPMS sensors last November. Said they were Autel sensors. Was under the impression the programmable sensors could be "cloned" to my OEM sensors so that I can swap my winter/summer wheels back and forth with out having to do a relearn. Just swapped my summer tires back on with the OEM sensors and had to go back to the shop for a re-learn process to get the TPMS alert to go off. Guy at shop says it's impossible to swap two different sets of wheels with cloned sensors without relearn. If this is true, what is cloning the sensors doing exactly? From searches online it's clearly possible with many cars, but can't find specifics for 18' WRX.

He said the problem is specific for 2015+ WRX's. Anybody with a 2015+ WRX able to swap wheels with cloned TPMS sensors without going through a re-lean process?

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