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Mods: I believe this is correct place to put this, I haven't seen any other dealership reviews here though, mostly performance shops. If this is not the right place for this post, please relocate it. Thanks!

So, I've been shopping around for a 2012 WRX Limited for some time. I'm extremely picky so it is easy for me to know what I want and what I don't. I would like to make it known that this was my first experience visiting a Subaru dealership to purchase a new vehicle. The only other time I have done this was to buy my Acura a few years back. But as that is unrelated, I won't go into it here.

After a few weeks of research on, building and pricing the model I wanted, I started looking around at local dealerships to see if they had any WRX's with the parameters I was looking for (color, trim, etc.) I found one in Englewood, NJ at a Subaru dealership called Town Motors. After contacting the dealership via email, I promptly received a response saying they still had the car in stock. The sales rep was very polite, and we spoke about the accessories the car had, my trade-in, pricing, etc. Their asking price for the car I was looking at was 30,700 (MSRP - this was fairly accurate when I rebuilt it on with the accessories it had), but the sales rep mislead me a bit and told me she would be able to do $500 under invoice, at 30,200. I did some research on and saw that a fair price for this car was right around $29,200. research on KBB told me how much my car was worth as a trade-in for its condition (11,400 - 12,500). Further research indicated that if I was to buy MY car from a dealer w/o a warranty, I could expect to pay between $13,000 and $16,000. Because of this I felt that a fair asking price for my car, and a price I would accept would be between $11,500 and $12,000. I had communicated this to the sales rep, and provided the VIN so she would be able to get a range, which she told me was ~$8,000 to $10,000. I felt this was very low, and was hoping they would be able to meet me at $11,500 considering the potential profit they could make on my car (which is not a Subaru).

One weekend I went over with a friend (who owns a 2012 WRX Limited) to take a look and test drive it. The first thing we noticed when we got there, was that it was an UPPER CLASS (caps for emphasis, it was much more wealthy than upper class) neighborhood. We started counting the number of Ferrari's, Porsche's, Mazerati's, R8's, etc that we saw but quit when we counted over 25 in 10 minutes while sitting in a coffee shop.

When we got to the dealer, the first thing we did was go for a test drive. Of course I had a great time during the test drive. When it came down to negotiations, the sales rep's personality changed completely. This might be the way it is with all or most sale's reps, but I was not expecting it, and was taken aback. They offered me $10k on my car, which I promptly denied, and they came up to $11k, which was much closer to what I wanted, but still under the minimum I would accept for my trade-in. At this point we started discussions on the WRX. Unfortunately, they were very inflexible. She was determined not to budge on her $30,200 offer, and seemed rather irritated when I came back with ~28,400. I explained if they wouldn't meet me at $11,500 for my car, I wouldn't be able to get close to their numbers either. This did not phase her, and she went to get her manager to see what could be done. He came over and explained that because of the year, color, accessories, and current demand for these cars, he was not going to meet my price. I explained that they have a 3% holdback which was going to net them a little over $1,000 no matter what I paid for the car, it was pretty much the end of the month so they could increase their numbers to possibly get an additional payout from Subaru, but no dice. Needless to say, I thanked them for their time, and left. After some discussion with my friend in the visitor parking lot, I decided to move my offer up to $29,400. She spoke with her manager, and they came down to $29,750. Unfortunately this was still out of my price range, and they still wouldn't meet me on my trade-in. The sales rep became very pushy, saying things along the lines of "you know you want this car, I'm worth it (as if she was a part of the deal), and the car is worth it." I explained the car was out of my price range; I do want the car, but not for that price. After some more back and forth, I left with my trade-in.

Long story short, do your homework on the dealer's location, if they are in an upper class area, chances are they will be determined to get close to MSRP, because the people in the area can afford it.

This post was not meant to bash or flame the dealer, just to warn others that if you go to Town Motors, or another dealer in the Englewood, NJ area, prepare to pay close to MSRP.

Additionally, after doing some more research, I found a dealer, and a very cool sales rep who offered me a fantastic price on a car I would order from the factory, which has more accessories than the one I test drove, and will come to under their asking price AFTER taxes. Once I have received my car, I will post a thread on my experience with that dealer, and that sales rep.

Thanks for reading :)


So to provide you all with an update...

On 5/3/2012 I contacted rexxx0486 to see if he would be able to help me out. For those of you who don't know by now, he has a very good program set up for ClubWRX where you can order a vehicle through his dealership in NJ at a very good price. We discussed at length what I was looking for, and I decided to place an order. rexxx's dealership does not go through SoA, so I was able to put in an order for a 2012 WRX after SoA's April 24 end of order date. Rexxx told me I could expect my vehicle in 6-9 weeks, which I believe is the average wait time.

Fast forward 2 excruciatingly long weeks to 5/18 and I'm on the phone with SoA asking for an update (Despite SoA not Rexxx's distributor, they are still the "master database" of incoming vehicles. At this point, I asked SoA on an eta for my vehicle. They explained I was not in the system at that time, but they would add me and contact the dealer and distributor to see if they could find any information. Fast forward another week, and again, I'm on the phone with SoA hoping they had been able to come up with an order number or potential eta. The representative I spoke with (I think his name was Troy, but I can't quite remember so I'm not totally positive) explained that there was a boat coming in June, and then another in late July or early August with the last shipments of the 2012's. I immediately looked on Rexxx's dealer's website and sure enough, they have 9 or so WRX/STi's coming in, unfortunately, none of which are mine. :(

I wait a few more days and call SoA back to double check on the eta of the second boat, as mine is not on the one incoming in June. Again, they tell me late July, early August, which would bring my wait up to around 12-14 weeks if everything was on schedule and not delayed. Again, :( .

I decide to check Town Motor's website to see if they still have the WRX I looked at about a month ago. Sure enough, it's still there. I draft an email to the sales rep I spoke with the previous time explaining that I was still in the market, and that I noticed they still have the one I test drove. I made an offer and they promptly took it.

Overall, I ended up paying slightly more, but it also saved me money on my trade. 12 weeks, with my current commute = 3,850 miles. I was already getting barely what I wanted for it, so I figured I'm actually very close breaking even, and not needing to wait the extra time. I'll throw some pictures up in the nub forum at some point. I got what I wanted, at a price I deem fair/good.

I did follow up with Rexxx to let him know I wanted to cancel my order; needless to say he wasn't thrilled to hear that, but he seemed to understand.

Again, I would highly suggest talking to Rexxx if you are in the MD, NY, PA, NJ, even CT area. I can assure you that you will like his offer.

See ya,
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