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Totsubo license plate thing on my '13 STI

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I bought the Totsubo license plate hole adapters long years ago for my garage queen. For my front plate I have the Subaru STI metal license frame around the plate. When I installed the Totsubo adapters I didn't peel off the 3M tape on the backside as I didn't want tape on the car and additionally didn't think it would help much. Over the years I've only put another 4k of mileage since I first installed as yes it's a garage queen. But I can see the well nuts I believe coming out a bit. Probably because of the weight of the frame and also the air pressing on the lower part of the license plate that isn't supported on the back in any way. So I'm looking for a solution other than to give up and do the tow hook thing which I'm not opposed to other than the clear bra might be one piece over the whole car and not a separate piece for the part of the front I would have to pull off to access the tow hook hole.

Anyways does anyone with the Totsubo have the same problem and is the problem just a combination of no tape, weight and no support from the back? And I need to solve by doing the tape and maybe putting foam on the bottom back of the plate to press against the car to prevent the well nuts from coming out?
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