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Hey there, everyone.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm working on a project to control the VTD center differential of the 02/03 4EAT WRX and H6 Outback VDC... it's called "Torquemada" ...

There are tons of details over in the i-Club transmission forum:

Torquemada will be able to provide user-adjustable center differential lockup in VTD vehicles

It will also provide variable F/R torque split in MPT vehicles without the new VTD differential.

Both VTD and MPT Torquemada systems will have an interlock that will detach the rear wheel drive power when the handbrake is pulled.

Also, Paisan is correct -- VDC is the total system that is available only on the VDC H6 Outback, and uses the VTD transmission in conjunction with traction control (TCS) to manage the vehicle's handling.


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