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Tore Up My Wheels

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Hey guys had a slight mishap the other day and i really messed up my drivers side wheels. Hit a curb doing 35-40 mph and as you can imagine they are scratched and tore up pretty well. Does anyone have 2017 wrx wheels that they took off and no longer use or does anyone have any aftermarket wheels they would want to part with? Also looking for recommendations on where to buy after market wheels since subaru charges $350 per wheel to replace the ones i messed up. Thanks for your time.
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I live in Missouri if any one in that area has any!
I would have your suspension and steering components checked if you haven't. Good luck finding something.

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I would look at XXR or Subispeed and look at their wheel options. as low as like $681 for a set of 4 on SubiSpeed. I will have my set of stock 245/40/18 wheels in a few days. Not sure if I want to sell them separately though. Send me a PM if you want to make an offer for just one. I'm in Michigan
I had a similar issue with one of my wheels when I hit a curb. I did some investigating and found some OE wheels that fit my budget. Hope this helps
I've heard these guys do a decent job at repairing rims and have quite a few shows around the country. Never used them myself, but might be worth a look.

Or, if you're bold, and depending on the extent of the damage, you might want to try doing a repair yourself? You could always then just plastidip them.

Best of luck!
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