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I have a 2012 wrx hatch with 40k with the original tires on the stock rims. I have a set of rota's (17x8) and snow tires i use for the winter. 5 years ago with a different car i had a set of hankook ventus v4's (215/45/17) fitted to the rotas and used them from one spring to late fall. I cracked a rim and put a slit in the sidewall of one of the tires and they've been sitting in my parents shed. It was perfect when after i bought the wrx i realized the stock rims were the same size as my rotas and i knew when it was time to get new tires i could buy one new one and put the other three hankooks on the stockies...however they stopped making the tire 4 years ago (and i cant find one anywhere) and i also realized it must have been a little stretch to get the 215's on an 8 inch rim. So a few questions for you tire experts

Would it be a problem buying 2 similar tires and pairing them with the hankooks i have ( 2 old in front, 2 new in back)?
Is putting 215's on the 8 inch wide stock rim a stretch? Or am i losing any performance by doing so?
Also are these tires that I haven't even looked at in 4 years going to be dry rotted or unusable from leaving them in an outdoor shed in New York?

Thanks in advance for some input, i just went from thinking i could spend less than $100 and not have to worry about tires for a while to maybe having to buy 4 new ones.

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You absolutely want to run the same type of tire at all four corners.

You don't want to play the game of mixing-and-matching. Spend the extra $$ up front so it doesn't cost you triple or quadruple that amount in repairs later.
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