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So this is my first post here in a while. I’ve tried to get some help on nasioc but really didn’t get much useful advice. So I’m hoping I can here.

I have a 2007 wrx, 66k miles, Cobb intake, Cobb tbe and protuned. It’s my first Subaru and it is on the stock wheels and suspension. I want to try and make the wheel well gap smaller and maybe lower it but I don’t want to slam it or anything. I figure I should start with the wheel and tire set up. At first I was going to go with a 17x8 and a 235/40/17 but realized there’s not many tire options in that size. I am wondering if I would have much issues going with a 18x8.5 +44 wheel and a 245/40/18 tire? I realize I may have to roll the rears at least. I really was against rolling the fenders but I think I’m ok with it if I can get it to work and look the way I want it to. I was initially thinking to stick with 17s so I wouldn’t potentially lose any power. Would it be a noticeable power loss going to a taller wheel and tire?

The next thing would be to lower it. I think even after the bigger wheels and tires, I’ll still want to bridge the gap a little more. Again I don’t want to slam it. I was thinking of going with either some sti take offs or pinks. It would lower it a bit and give it better handling. I guess it won’t know if it would lower it enough until I get my wheel and tire set up though. But I figure this would be a better choice than a lower spring. Especially since I figure I won’t want/need to lower it more than a half an inch or so. What do you think?

Thank you for the advice!
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