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Throwout Bearing Noise After 13k Miles

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Hi All,

I had my clutch replaced when Subaru rebuilt my blown motor at 72k. Now, 13k later, I have the dreaded squeaky sound when the clutch isn't pressed in. If I rev the engine a bit with the the clutch out, the noise gets louder.

What can cause premature failure of this part? I don't drive any differently than I did before everything was replaced. Not psyched about having to pay for a clutch again so soon. :eek3:
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Welp, i just read a bunch of other threads where people have TOB issues. Now I am wondering if I'm going to be stuck having this problem over and over again, because they did something wrong when putting my car back together.
My TOB made some minor noise on my 13 WRX. Frequently, it would feel like it was filled with sand when I pushed in the clutch. You can have it replaced, but chances are you will run into the same problem again. I traded up to my STI with around 23k miles and it already had these problems, which are common. I'd try to live with it.
And the sound is gone today.
I have the same issue i got my clutch changed at 75k miles 2k miles later i hear a squeking when idle push in the clutch, sound disapears. i took it to my favorite shop to make sure it wasnt anything bad, they knew right away it was my TOB and said it would last me a long time are do throwout berrings go bad because of driving skills or is it just a defect in the 09-12 wrx's? any tips/tricks would help thx! also how can i prevent this from happening when i go to get my 2nd clutch job.
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