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Thoughts on used turbo?

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I was perusing the facebook classifieds and saw a used td05 20g turbo for $200. Think this is a good deal? This wasn't first on my list of upgrades, but it seems to me like a good price. I shortly read up on them and saw that they make great high end power but there's not much low end.. Can someone give me a rundown on this type of turbo? Also, good price? or pass
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$200 seems quite low, whether the turbo needs to be rebuilt or is just crap in general (e.g., eBay turbo). For reference, here's the "standard" 20G that people use:
Subaru WRX/STi 20G-XT Turbocharger

Based on your profile pic, you have a bugeye wagon. I wouldn't recommend a 20G on a 2.0L engine (unless you're swapping in an EJ207 with full working AVCS).
I kinda like the 16G for a 2,0L personally. It's got nowhere near the output of a 20G but it's a nice turbo and relatively reasonable for a 2,0.
Thanks guys. I figured the 20g was pretty large for what I have in mind for my wrx. It just seems like a hell of a deal. The guy has it in a list of parts and it says,
Td05 20g $200 obo
, so obviously there's not much for info. I almost want to buy it just to resell it.. The guy is only a couple hours away, so I'm entertaining the idea but I'm not interested enough to message him yet.
I'm always weary of buying used turbos. Always go in with the intent you'll have to rebuild it.
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