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Re: Re: N2O or NO2?

PlatinumWRX said:
The valence numbers for Nitrogen is +5, for Oxygen it is +6.
The chemical formula for nitrous oxide is N2O. Yes, it is a strange combination, but that is it. ;)


Actually, the valence for O is -2, and N has many variations. Two possible reactions to make N2O are:

NH4NO3 ---> N2O + 2(H2O) @ 250C, or

(these two are similar, so I grouped them as one type, if you will)

HNO2 + NH2OH ---> N2O + 2(H2O)

HNO2 + HN3 ---> N2O + N2 + H2O

The first involves a redox type reaction between N-3 and N+4 oxidation states, with the latter two involving reduction of aqueous nitrous acid with either hydroxylamine or hydrogen azide.

BTW, I had to look all this up. Been too long to recall this type of stuff from memory. Those equations could never stay in my head.

John775, the correct IUPAC name is really dinitrogen monoxide, but we generally say "nitrous oxide). NO2 would be nitrogen dioxide.

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