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Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
These gases form when fuel is burned at high temperatures, and come principally from motor vehicle exhaust and stationary sources such as electric utilities and industrial boilers.

I have used a NOS(nitrous oxide systems) direct port set up before on my Acura. It is expensive, but you get what you pay for. I also used a Jacobs Mastermind progressive controller. This allows you to control you "shot". I used it to control front wheel spin on launches. It quickly opens and close the solenoids(fuel/N20) and allows you to adjust the rate of injection. I used it because of this and the fact I did not want to destroy my daily driver. Another safety measure that can be used is from MSD is called a window switch. It only allows activation of your set up from certain rpms with "pills". They look like small yellow fuses and are rated at different rpms. This is just a quick look at the direct port set up. I believe there is a good faq on the NOS web page.
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