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NO2 fun!

Now, I've never seen a turbo + roots SC
There were old style MR2's that had that combo.

Four cylinders of the high performance variety make their power one of three ways: high compression, turbocharging, or supercharging. None of these three are compatible and shouldn't be used at the same time.

Not true at all. Nitrous when used correctly can in many instances be a better power adder for your motor then SC or TC. Let's think , in the end all nitrous is doing is adding O2 to the combustion process. It's an oxidizer not combustable on it's own. That's why it's refered to as a blower in a bottle. After the combustion process, the resultant left over N(nitrogen) cools the combustion chamber by typically around 70 degrees or so. Now the increased cylnder pressures are indeed going to put stress on the motor , but no more so then a turbo or SC. And the good thing is that NO2 is only on when you press the button. the other two always cause increased heat and pressure. Granted there are retards who have no Idea what they're doing and slap a single 100hp dry shot onto the motor and wonder why the motor grenaded. No shit sherlock! If you properly compensate for fuel, timing, plug heat range and gap, and use what can sensibly be in the limits of the stress load of your bottom end, you can spray all day long and be just as reliable as stock. I had a 1970 GTO judge with a Ram AirIII 400 and a 250 shot of NOS(Yes the brand). It was auto and would spin the tires(295's) in second half way down the track. Only ran it for two weeks cause it scared the shit out of me. Later I rebuilt the motor and there was no sign of abuse cause all precausions were taken properly. When people ask me what would I recomend for the best bang for the buck mod, It's always No2. Checkout the Venom VCN 2000 system. Uses factory injectors and Monitors AF, and if shit goes to lean, it kills the juice. If they only came up with a fogger system with seperate fuel supply, that kit would be safe as hell and make crazy power.
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