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Seeing as preferences regarding wingED trunks vs. wingLESS trunks are quite varied......I thought I would start a thread strictly for those looking to swap one way or the other.

Goes like this:

1)Color/year of WRX
3)SWAPPING: {What you are swapping}
4)WANTING: {What you are wanting for your swap}

This might help those out *cough*myself *cough* who are wanting a different look than what the factory gave ya.

I'll start....

1. Silver '04 WRX
2. Florida (central)
3. SWAPPING: Stock spoiler trunk lid
4. WANTING: Spoilerless silver trunk lid

Happy posting/swapping :D

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1)04/blue wrx
3)SWAPPING:Stock wrx wing and trunk lid
4)WANTING:STi wing and trunk

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Couldn't hurt. Except for the ridicule the rivited badge...

1) 2004 Java Black Pearl WRX
2) Denver, CO
3) Swapping: Stock wing with "Shortline Automotive" badge RIVITED on. Will pay an extra $100
4) Wanting: Wingless, badgeless trunk.

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1) 2003 sonic yellow wrx
2) NJ
3) Swapping: SUBARU debadged trunk with oem wing
4) Wanting: Wingless sonic yellow trunk (heh, good luck with that) or wingless CF trunk

I think i have the longest shot of all! hahaha:D

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1.) 2002 Silver WRX
2.) Joliet,IL (Chicagoland Region)
3.) Swapping: Orciari WRX Style Wing w/3rd Brake Light
4.) Wanting: STi Style Wing from 04-05 or any other wing that is square shaped like that.

If you want an exact picture please send me a pm

The trunk lid is also lined with Dynamat Xtreme to reduce rattles but can be removed if necessary.
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