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Hey Everyone!
Kenzie Leeper here, I just wanted to formally introduce myself to everyone. As of today I will be your Heuberger Motors Forum Sales rep. A little about myself, I am 26, I grew up working in my fathers automotive shop and was instantly obsessed with cars/bike's and everything fast in between. Being a Colorado native the Subi life is 2nd nature. I got my first WRX when I was 18 , it was a white 2004 premium with 75k on the clock. That was traded for a 2009 Buell xb12r and a 1996 Mitsubishi 3000gt vr-4. After having some fun, and having a very close call on my bike, Traded both for a clean 2006 TR WRX. All I can say is I've never had more fun in the snow or mountains in anything other then a Subi!

Enough about me! I want to get to know y'all, send me a PM or respond on here. regardless if you are looking for a New WRX/STi or more then happy in your current one, I am here to help.
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