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>>>>The I smell raw gas from my WRX and its cold outside Thread (TSB inside)<<<<

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>>>>The I smell raw gas from my WRX and its cold outside Thread (TSB inside)<<<<

Component Name: 090000 FUEL SYSTEM, OTHER
NHTSA #: 093603

First off smelling raw fuel on 02-04 WRX's during the cold weather is a known issue. There was even a TSB issued for it in 2003. Whether Subaru pays or you pay is a different story. Some people have gotten the item warranted and some haven't it seems to be on a case by case basis. As far as I can find, the parts required are:

(Subaru part numbers)

2 each #14075AA161 "Gasket Intake Collector" @$18.32 = $36.64
2 each #14035AA421 "Gasket Intake Manifold" @$10.69 = $21.38

They have to remove both the upper and lower manifolds.

The fuel line #807707140 -- no mention of the size. $25.86

Labor seems to run around $300.

Make sure to double check with the dealer for the parts and the TSB.

Apparently persistence pays off with SOA so keep bugging them to cover it.

I will be new threads on the subject into this one.
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is it ok to drive with this gas situation or smell. Will i be fine?
Usually Yes.

Could this be causing a mis-fire? just wondering because i am running out of ideas on why i might be mis-fireing on only one cylinder and everything i check and change isn't working and i do smell gas now that it is winter and all
So, I DID finally manage to notice fuel leaking out of the fuel hose under the inlet pipe; as specified in the Subaru TSB. For anyone out there with this problem, do not bother taking your car to Subaru and paying the outrageous amount of money that they ask for the repair. Do what I did. You CAN do it yourselves. Now...I already a have a silicone inlet pipe. You cannot do this without one. So if you don't have one, buy one for like $250 from JSCSPEED, which is around a third the cost you would be paying Subaru for the repair. Then you also have a performance upgrade! :thumbup: I am apologizing beforehand for not having sufficient pictures. I was in a big hurry to get this job done and didn't think about doing a writeup until after the fact. If some pictures are needed let me know, I'll help with what I can. You also need one foot 5/16'' fuel injection hose along with 4 fuel injection hose clamps
Repair goes as follows:

~Remove negative (-) battery cable.
~Remove intercooler. (allow BOV to remain connected to recirc. hose) *Hint: it's easier to get off the cooler after removing the driver's side cooler bracket.
~Remove power steering/ alternator belt.
~Remove alternator. After removing the alternator, take off the sensor and bunch of vacuum hoses behind it. If need be, take a picture to remember how they go back. Just make room.
~Remove air intake or air box.
~Remove and set aside power steering pump. (This is done by first removing the reservoir from its bracket. Then, by removing the three 10mm bolts securing the lines to the fuel rail protector, and then removing the three 12mm bolts securing the pump to the engine. Two of them are behind the pulley and the third one can be see from above, near the back of the pump.) Pick up pump and move left. Hang the pump with wire connected to the hood. (ignore the cooler, this is an old pic)

~Remove recirc. hose from inlet pipe.
~Remove inlet pipe.

At this point you can see the rubber hoses that leak.
The ones that Subaru charges way too much to fix. So, what you do now is take wire cutters and cut off the old hose clamps. Then slice the ends of the hoses lengthwise with a razor blade because they are probably pretty stuck. After you remove a 10mm bolt which secures the lines to the underside of the intake manifold, the rear portion of the fuel line can move back so as you can remove the old hoses. After the hoses are off, cut your new hoses to the same length or slightly longer and slide on your hose clamps open part of the clamp facing down and the bolt the right. Tighten the clamps in such a fashion so as they will not rub on the inlet pipe. MAKE THEM TIGHT.
~There you have it you've fixed your car! :wiggles: Now you just backtrack all the steps and the only money that you've spent is on fuel hose and clamps, and spent some quality time with your buddy; saving lots of money. I completed this task in a little under five hours and then drove to Charlottesville. Fuel hose and clamps were around fifteen dollars. So, it was definitely worth it.
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Happy New Year everyone! :wiggles: TSB means Technical Service Bulletin. Any time there is a common reoccurring problem due to an unforseen/ unexpected manufacturer defect with a specific line, make, or model of vehicle the manufacturer will release a TSB out to all of it's dealerships and submit updates to database programs (i.e. Alldata, Mitchell). A TSB provides a detailed symptoms list and a fix to these very specific problems. So, when a technician encounters a similar problem, they can first reference the TSB's of a database to see if what they are dealing with has been see before. A recall is a manufacturer's acknowledgement of a screw up. They will also make the ORIGINAL owner aware that they are eligible for a free repair. A recall only comes into effect if X number of vehicles have whatever problem. A TSB would just explain that problem and how to fix it. If the title the title has been transfered any number of times the dealer will not notify you. Tough luck. It is at the sole discretion of the dealership weather or not to recall a TSB repair, and as far as I know that would be a crazy thought. They'd probably laugh. I don't think a great enough number of WRXs have been brought with this specific problem to warrant a recall notice. But then again maybe it has worked for some. Though this info might help some...
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that looks like some work. but good now i know how to fix it but, could the leak be causing a misfire?
Definitely possible. If not enough fuel is making it to the cylinders, because it's pouring onto your cylinder block, it can register a misfire. I'm not saying that is why. What code/ codes do you have? P0301/303? (I think passenger side is 1 & 3, driver is 2 & 4). I think... Do you have a lean code too? The lines to the passenger side fuel rails were the ones myself and many others have had issues with. Strange, sexy boxer motors. Hehe. My car was running like crap before I fixed this, and loss of power. And reeking of gasoline. I was making 200 to a tank, highway, after the leak. After I fixed it I made 150 miles to a quarter tank, highway...:wiggles:
Yeah im getting a P0301 and that is it. and my gas mileage is hurting too but its weird i have had my car for a year and all last winter this didn't happen..
I've had my car for two years. I first began smelling fuel mid November, 2008. It did the repair on December 6th.
I thought I knew where it was coming from but it took me forever to actually see it leaking and be sure. I even put in tracer dye. Which, even after three UV scans, showed nothing. Stupid car... Then one day, I started my car up and the engine was real cold. The fuel smell was unusually strong. I shined a light down under my inlet hose and noticed fuel dripping profusely onto the head. Not more than two minutes later, no more leak... Than it hit me and I understood why I could never catch the leak before. Due to the fact that the cylinder walls (HEAT) are right under the fuel lines any leaking fuel that would be visible would instantly evaporate. I don't think it's as common a problem for MY '04 and newer. I believe my lines failed because of my bumped up fuel pressure. Just a theory...At any rate it still happened. And in the same spot. To BugeyeSpode02 > Last winter it was fine. Your only gonna smell it when it's leaking...<
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Dagnabit! This just started happening to me. But hopefully I can get it fixed under the TSB! Great thread, Jeremy, thanks!

personally, I sorta like the gasoline smell :)
LoL me too. But I don't want the fumes to become harmful because I kinda like this whole "living" thing.

and what does TSB mean?:confused:
TSB = Technical Service Bulletin
Just happened yesterday

I have the same problem as well. This morning, after I got out of work (7pm-7am shift, I know.:eek3:). I smelled raw gas coming from the engine. Sure enough, it was leaking. I'm guessing that explains why I'm getting 19MPG, on 80% highway, using Shell gas.

I just got my 02 WRX last month from the dealer. It has 23710 miles when I brought it. Now it's 27300:eek3:. I don't think I can get the dealer to fix it, since I drove with that many miles in one month.
Well i locked my keys in my car while it was running a good 45 mins and i think i smelt fuel when i got in......... I was kinda cold and couldnt really breath being sick........ The past couple of days we have been getting some 10 degree weather which is kinda low for my area.....
LoL me too. But I don't want the fumes to become harmful because I kinda like this whole "living" thing.
Ha ha... You'll be fine. :rotfl: If you're leaking, the only thing you'll be breathing is raw hydrocarbons (HC) which is entirely unburnt fuel. Which smells quite potent but really isn't that bad. It can give you headaches though. Carbon monoxide (CO) is partially burnt fuel and is what can kill you. CO is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. You only emit CO out of your tailpipe (post-combustion) so unless you sit in a sealed garage with your car running or put a hose into your car from your exhaust you'll be fine.:thumbup:

Ohio's been posting some low temps lately and my '04 just started doing this....

crrraaapp:sadwave: sit in a sealed garage with your car running or put a hose into your car from your exhaust ...
+1 on teaching ppl to kill themselves with their cars :rotfl:
(nothing you couldn't learn from Movies like Office Space no harm done)
Know that the temp is not as cold i don't smell it......
Know that the temp is not as cold i don't smell it......
Same here. It was only bad for like 2 days and now, nothing. Meh. :p
I think its only going to happen when its like 10 or below outside......... might just get my mech to get it looked at any way.....
i fought with my subaru dealership and even got SOA involved to get that TSB fixed. the dealer had the last laugh i guess, they didn't plug in my #4 coilpack all the way in and it fell out while i was driving. #4 went dead.... that was awesome...

on a serious note, "in theory" no one beyond 2003 should have this problem. the TSB mentions engine numbers beyond this have the fix already. but of course, who knows what subaru did with the fuel lines.

so the people with the 05's with this issue might be experiencing something different... remember, it "was fixed"
I think something with this type of problem its going to take miles and years on our cars to see if they actually did fix it..........
if you smell the gas, then it sounds like either they didn't fix it like the TSB said they did, or there is another problem that needs to be addressed. if they dealer doesn't want to help, contact SOA. however, if you are modded, you are hurting yourself in the arguement. you know what they will say, "you modded your car and we don't fix warranty stuff like that."

i used the "this makes the car very unreliable and unsafe to drive" to get my TSB honored
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