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I saw a Best Motoring video where these guys took the following cars on the track:

911 Turbo
Skyline R34 (not sure if it's the V-spec)
Corvette C5 (Z51? the name was in japanese but Z51 was a part of it and no it's not the Z06)
NSX TYpe-S zero

Let me tell you guys this, the EVO7 is a MONSTER! Before I tell you the outcome of this race let me tell you the result of the race before this.

1st place: skyline R-34
2nd place: Evo7
3rd place: NSX Type-Szero I think...
4th place: (i'm thinking really hard but i can't remember, maybe there were only 5 cars)
5th place: WRX STi
6th place: RX-7 Type-S

I wouldn't be disappointed with the performance of the STi because the RX-7 and the Skyline cost about double the STi, and hte price of the NSX is triple the STi. But shoot the EVO7 came in 2nd and it was really close to the Skyline! I was quite amazed and a bit scared since they're trying to bring it to the US w/o de-tuning it.

The driver of the STi didn't seem to focus as much as the EVO7. The shifting done by the driver of the Evo7 was amazing... it looked like his foot was on full throttle and w/o taking his right foot off the pedal he steps on the clutch and changes gear in a split second and it was breathtaking.

Well, here's the result of the Mixed Supercar race:

1st place: Porsche 911 Turbo (in a 1minute 44 second run)
2nd place: Skyline (+~1.5sec.)
3rd place: EVO7 (+~2-3 sec.)
4th place: NSX Type-S zero (the rest i don't remember how much later they came in)
5th place: Ferrari Modena360
6th place: Corvette C5 Z51 (came in waaaay late)

Think about this... the $30-33K car took out some exotic supercars on the track! Man oh man... What do you guys think about all this?

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Just saw it on June's Best Motoring. All I have to say is that the Evo is on steriods! I hope they bring it the US! I would want to see how the US market responds to the beast.

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LOL I hope they throw 6 Cats on that thing and bring it down to 150Horses :D Yep June's Best Motoring is what I watched, correct me if i made any errors on the descriptions of the car becuase I recalled everything by memory but I'm sure the orders the cars came across the finish line were right. But damn beating a Ferrari... :eek:
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