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The Danger's (Very Graphic Pictures of People)

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The Danger's

This isn't supposed to discourage anyone from enjoying our cars, but here's a link to a site that might make you reconsider those crazy speeds. Anyway the link is to a site of a ferrari that has crashed at 280 km per hour and it's very graphic!!! 280km~180+mph.
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Given my line of work I've actually seen much worse I'm afraid.

A couple of years ago, a man got convicted of Murder for hitting a Honda while the Honda was pulling into a gas station as the man was racing his Benz at speeds above 100 mph. Drive responsibly. You may be held responsible. Here's a news article about it.

Daily News (New York)

June 22, 2001

HEADLINE: DRIVER IS GUILTY OF MURDER High-speed crash in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn driver was convicted yesterday of second-degree murder for slamming his Mercedes-Benz into a Honda at more than 100 mph on the Belt Parkway, killing two people in the fiery collision.

The decision by the eight-woman, four-man Brooklyn Supreme Court jury marked the first time in state history that a sober driver had been convicted of murder for killing people in a crash, prosecutors said.

Jon Paul Lazartes, 21, of Marine Park, faces up to 25 years to life in prison at sentencing.

Lazartes, who had been free until yesterday, showed no emotion when the jury foreman read a verdict, convicting him of depraved indifference. Guards took himout in handcuffs.

His girlfriend and parents burst into tears, as did the relatives of Yvonne Rodriguez, 20, and Michael Lebel, 23, who were crushed beyond recognition Jan. 16, 2000, when Lazartes' 4,500-pound 1995 Mercedes smashed into the Honda Prelude they were in as it entered the Mobil gas station lot near the Flatbush
exit about 4 a.m.

"He got what he deserved," said Robert Martinez, Lebel's cousin.

"It was worth the wait," said Norma Viera, Rodriguez's aunt, as she comforted Rodriguez's sobbing mother after a three-week trial and three days of deliberations.

Defense lawyer Felix Gilroy vowed to appeal. Lazartes had contended that Honda driver Michael Mateo, under the influence of cocaine and marijuana, had caused the crash by cutting across the highway to get to the gas station.

But jurors convicted Lazartes of flying down the Belt Parkway in a high-speed cat-and-mouse game with another Mercedes, indifferent to the lives he put at risk, as he unexpectedly came upon the Honda.

A prosecution crash expert said the Honda was smashed so hard that the impact was as though it had plummeted from a 10-story building.

Jurors said they couldn't avoid the feeling that any of them could have been on the road that night, struck by Lazartes' "4,500-pound torpedo," in the words
of Assistant District Attorney Maureen McCormick.

"He made choices," said juror Beverly Dinkins. "There's no doubt in my mind, had that Mercedes-Benz not spun out of control and caught on fire, he'd still be racing. "
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WRXrumble said:
Other ppl shouldn't get hurt just because
you want to go boy racer in the street.

Do they still drag race in South Conduet ave ?
Yeah, I rarely if ever go above 60 mph on NYC highways (limit is 50 mph, for those of you out of town). No one ever signals and haphazardly weave through traffic, forcing their way through lanes. And with the potholes and construction, everyday is a rally race, it seems.

Like you, I got involved with NASA events to learn to drive my car better and push its limits in safe environments. You should check these out. Next autocross at Giants Stadium is on the 28th. There's another Lime Rock Race Track event on Nov. 11. Other organizations hold events there regularly also.

I don't know if they race in S. Conduit. I do know that there have been a lot of police reports of "Fast and Furious" style drag races in Red Hook on Columbia Ave. which draws large crowds though.
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