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Yeah that is pretty much the most horrible thing I have ever seen. But.......even though I feel bad for them because that looks like the most horrible way to die I have ever seen as long as nobody was around when they were doing this 180MPH then its fine. It's not good but its ok......I mean if no one was around and they were doing this then they knew the risks and they can do what they want with there lives. As crazy as it might be. I'm not gonna lie....I've done the same thing......gone out at 2 AM on a deserted stretch and I do mean stretch of highway and after turning around to go the other way home, after scouting it out really opened her up to 155MPH. But even at 90 your just as dead as the guy going 200. And its your choice as long as you work it out so no one else could end up getting involved that doesnt want to. But of course it is still horrible none the less.
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