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Well currently I own a 03' WRX (54k miles) sedan. The only mods I have done is a Agent Orange BOV. I also have a walbro 255 pump laying around from a previous project.

A couple additions I want to do this year are:

Uppipe, and exhaust.
Engine mangement upgrade(COBB stage 2?)
STI Pinks
Cold Air intake
*Not outrageously prices* Brake systems

Possibly nearing towards this winter again I want to do some internal engine work.

A few questions I have are:
Would the 2.0 blocks bore out to a 2.5L? w/ forged pistons, crank, rods, valves, question is, is this the best way to go about doing some serious upgrades to a WRX or would it be be better to drop an STI engine in it?

I tend to eventually make this car a drag strip car, but of course having the reliability too.
What is the MAX HP the 2.0L handle and some dyno numbers you guys are running.
What are the years a STI transmission will match the fitting of the 03' engine?

Thanks for any responses and comments,

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Some comments:

Since you are considering Cobb Stg2, look closely at the parts requirements for that setup and follow them exactly. This will eliminate some items you've listed (that's not bad news; what's not there cannot cause problems, cannot fail, and is free). The maps specify parts that are necessary, and conversely they exclude parts that won't work.

At current prices quality coilovers are not cost effective unless you are competing routinely.

If your existing wheels are round and fit your brake choice, keep them until one or the other ceases to be true.

I see no point in cams.

I'd rather buy a motor than build one any day. Getting a ready block is just so much easier than assembling stuff, especially if several vendors are involved and if time or money are a limitation.

Any year gearbox will bolt onto any year motor; however, there are three differentials to consider as well and the parts list you'll need will vary depending on the donor car's vintage. There are many threads on 6spd swaps and people love them.

How much power any of these motors will make depends on the ancillaries, the tune, the fuel available, and the amount of time the motor is actually expected to work.
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