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To follow up on XJ's answers..

It's the nature of direct injection. Catch cans, EGR and TGV deletes will help, but only slightly. Putting in a twin injection system is really the only thing to quell it.

Pretty much. I feel that meth injection is a decent solution if you're particularly concerned with buildup. Adding port injection will be a massive undertaking, whereas a good meth kit shouldn't be too difficult.

It is 100% at odds with all states and federal emissions regulations and therefore illegal without any grey area. Some states just don't bother to do emissions testing.

Emissions are mostly handled on a local basis, county by county. Best bet would probably be to talk to someone knowledgeable who works at an inspection location and ask exactly what is needed to pass in your area. Lots of places don't have emissions testing at all.

To do any of those mods you will have to tune the engine. At that point just about any engine failure is coming out of your pocket. There is nothing you do that will good the entirety of the warranty in one shot. Just the system you modify and components affected by it.

Some dealerships are more lenient than others. That said, all MAJOR repairs have to be approved by SOA these days. It's possible that a dealership will overlook the modifications, either accidentally, or intentionally, but it's not something that should be counted on. The most likely scenario is that an engine related warranty claim will be denied, so one should be prepared.

As far as I am aware the Cobb accessport is the only tuning solution for the 15+ at the moment. So yes, you will likely need one. They run about 650, and the average tune runs around 500.

I'm pretty sure ECUTek works on newer models too. Of course the term "Protune" was coined by Cobb and refers specifically to getting a custom tune, by a liscensed Cobb Protuner, using an Access Port. That doesn't mean that you can't get a custom tune using ECUTek that will work just as well.

Any time you modify anything on your car for power you take a direct hit to reliability. How much of a hit? Some cars won't see 50k miles stock before blowing up, others will go 200+k with basic bolt on parts and a good tune. The fa20 has had both piston failures and rod failures arise, so for my money I would enjoy the factory warranty for as long as it lasts.

Agreed.. some modifications will obviously be riskier than others. TGV and EGR deletes shouldn't make a difference reliability wise, but that certainly doesn't mean the engine can't fail with those mods.
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