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A few months ago I had a bunch of mods done to my car, a 2013 WRX hatchback, and one of the end results was that I had to remove my front Cusco Strut Tower Brace because of the conflict with the IAG Air Oil Separator mounting location. And even if there wasn't a conflict there, there would also have been one with the Process West Verticooler.

I've had a lot of suspension mods done to my car, including a front and rear strut tower brace. And when I drove the car after the removal of the front brace, I could tell the difference. Despite claims that I wouldn't notice, well, I did, and after passively searching for a solution for months, I found the Tanabe Strut Tower Brace. Someone posted some pictures of a setup similar to mine and this brace had solved the issue for them.

I wanted to post this here so it will hopefully be helpful to someone in the future that has a similar issue. I opted to use a .2 inch aluminum spacer in my install, because I wanted just a little bit more clearance. But, it still fits without it. Not knowing how much the engine moves under hard acceleration and shifts, I wanted to be safer than sorry. I've tested it and run the car as hard as I feel comfortable doing on the street, and there was no rattling or contact of any kind.



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