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Electrical gurus, need you.

02 WRX. #5 fuse in the interior fuse block keeps going as soon as the switch on the stalk or on the top of the steering column is used. Happened out of the blue one day. Replaced it once, worked for half a day, went again and now it blows instantly.

Tail lights disconnected. Headlight DRLs disconnected - no sockets or bulbs. Stock sockets or bulbs are physically removed as I use a custom drl setup tapped into the drl wire. Triple checked this. Aftermarket drls disconnected. License plate lights are disconnected too. Still blows however.

Any ideas? The only thing I've done recently was an oil change and intake filter swap. Checked wiring up front and it looks fine. Was teaching manual to someone and they backed the car into a curb damaging my diffuser which has a drl fog light, but it looked fine as well and disconnecting it results with a blown fuse still.

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