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Alright, here's my view of the story.

We were all parked on the side of 120 and I was in front of the cars watching the Supra and Richard line up. No one is around except us, the area we are at has absolutely NO traffic at night. Well, I heard honks 1,2 and tires burning as the cars took off.

I watched them in my rear view mirror coming closer and closer. Richard was at least 3 car lengths in front of the Supra when he passed me (150 yards or so ahead) and that Tanabe Exhaust was ROARING! :D

As they passed me I took off and followed them up and turned around. They did the start from 20mph I saw Richard once again walk away from that Supra like it was a normal car. We pull over to the side and get out and talk about the race.

Aftwards Tosif said he had never been in a WRX so I offered to take him for a ride. We get into the car and his friend takes off driving Tosif's Supra. I let the Supra go ahead to show Tosif first hand a 5k launch. We do the launch, he's freaking out with the big grin on the face everyone gets when they feel this car go.

Tosif and I catch up to his Supra and make a right turn, the Supra gets on it as we're climbing a 5-7 degree hill and so I drop to second and pull up it as well catching up and passing the Supra without a problem. Tosif still has the grin.. watching his own car get shown up at every turn.

This has been an great night and the guys we met are really cool. Thanks for inviting us Matt, it was excellent. Oh yeah and we got to see an NSX Dyno too! It was 240HP at the wheels, not bad for a race car I guess...I think I can take him. :cool:
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