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For sale - Custom Phantom Fit Sub Enclosures, 2 JL Audio 10 inch W0V3 subs, Sound Ordinance M-1500 Amp. Currently installed on my 2017 WRX, but im not "jamming out" as much as i expected where i'm at in life. Setup has not been on the car for very long. It sounds amazing and i do love it, the people that are commonly in my car do not care to listen to music loud. Installing was very simple. I believe these sub enclosures would fit 15+ WRXs as im not sure if the trunk dimensions have changed (someone correct me if so and i will update this). link to where they came from, (options: 10" no sub, driver and passenger, yes for deeper woofer add)

Asking $750, will ship at buyers expense. Located in Southern Indiana.

Picture of subs in trunk

Passenger Side Sub


Driver Side Sub

Bass Knob:
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