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Subaru wrx/ sti motor swap list

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Hello, so I recently purchased an 06 wrx wagon, and the previous owner had already put in the sti 6 speed but I'm unsure which year. I am planning on eventually engine swapping it but my lack of knowledge has stumped me. So basically I'm wanting to sti engine swap my 06 wrx wagon but I am not sure exactly which engines are and/or not comparable. I would imagine different body styles may have different motor mounts but like I said I am not very knowledgable about this topic. If there is any possible way someone could post a link to maybe another forum explaining what and what isn't comparable? Thanks in advance!
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I believe that's the ej255. So you could opt for the 257 I would assume it would bolt up to your transmission and existing mounts because they are the same block.

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XJ is correct. 2006 was the first year for the wrx's to get the 2.5L engines, the EJ255. Really, most Subaru 4 cylinder engines should fit in your car. But the EJ257 would be the best option in my opinion. Should literally bolt right in. As for the wiring though, I'm not sure about that.
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