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December sales and 2011 total sales- what an ending to a troubled year for SoA, with the best month ever and best year ever!
December total was a record 33, 701 cars sold, thats the best month ever for SoA. The previous best was August 2009, Cash for Clunkers month, with 28,683 cars sold, and December 2011 beat that by 5018 cars.
The December 2011 33,701 total is an increase of 26.25% over 26,694 during December 2010.

> Outback- the big seller for the month with 13,430, an increase of 30.95% over 10,256 Outbacks in December 2010.
Outback is #1 seller for the year, its SoA's volume leader for 2011 with 104,405, up 12.09% from 93,148 in 2010

> Forester- there were 8,601 purchased in December 2011, an increase of 6.61% from 8,068 Dec, 2010.
Total Foresters sold for 2011 was 76,196, down 10.44% from 85,080 in 2010. The Forester is due for a redesign and a fuel economy increase with a CVT, and perhaps even hybrid technology.

> Impreza- the total for the all new Impreza 2.0i was 5,464 sold for December 2011. Thats a very strong debut, and a good month by past Impreza standards. Its even more impressive considering the 2012 models had just started arriving in November and were quickly stopped for a few weeks by the parking brake recall. The response to the new models has been very favorable. December 2011 was a 86.68% increase over 2,927 in 2010.
For the 2011 year, Impreza was down to 27,391 from 36,072 in 2010. Thats a drop of -24.07% which isn't suprising given the successful 2011 model closeout followed by the 2012 model earthquake/tsunami and later recall delays. There were almost no Imprezas for sale for 2 months, October and November.

> WRX, STI- 1257 for December 2011, down -5.63% from 1332.
2011 WRX STI total 13805, up a suprising 65.87% from 8323 in 2010. There is no individual model count for WRX or STI.

> Legacy- December 2011 total 4625, up +19.08% from 3884 December 2010.
2011 Legacy total was 42,401, up 9.49% from 38,725 in 2010.

> Tribeca- 324 for the model, up a +42.73% from 227.
2011- Tribeca's total was 2791 for the year, +12.90% from 2472 in 2010.

2011- Subaru sales total for the year was 266,989, a slim but very important 1.20% increase over the previous record of 263,820 set last year, 2010. Subaru has now had record sales for three years in a row and is the only in the US car company to have four successive years of sales growth. It was a troubled year for Subaru though and even matching 2010s record could have been considered a success. Sales through September were actually up. The March earthquake/tsunami catatastrophy had, is still having, a huge human toll. Subaru was fortunate however that their factories were not damaged, though it cost at least 2 full months of new 2012 Impreza sales, the 2012 Outback and Legacy would have been available in June instead of September, and there would have been no inventory shortages through the summer. Then the November recall on Outback, Legacy and Impreza slowed the inventory rebound. So any increase is a testament to Subaru market strength.
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