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Sub set ups, let's see yours!

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I just threw this together in about an hour got the recommended cubic feet of air for my 12 and dropped it in the car like this, what have you guys done? Trunk Vehicle Car Auto part Vehicle door
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12" JL W3-V3-4 DVC with SB sealed box

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My bad. Mine is a JL 12W3V3. Custom fiberglass enclosure that I made.

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I got my wire just kinda hanging out cause I want it up by the seat but right now it's just held by that big plastic piece we got in the trunk. I think I'll try to get something more stable in a little bit.
I sold my WRX a while ago but here is the last sub setup I put in it. It was an infinite baffle setup. Subwoofer Loudspeaker Vehicle audio Audio equipment Car subwoofer
Vehicle Car Trunk Subwoofer Audio equipment

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