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Hey all,
I am new to this forum as of tonight :) I just got back from the dealer where I gave my deposit for my car :) I came here to take a peek at what others were doing with their stock system as I suspected it would need to be replaced. This car is silver and it has rear spoiler, security system, armrest ext, and audio system upgrade...anyway after reading the comments on this page I feel a little disappointed/concerned about the stereo. Does anyone suggest that I attempt to find another car at another dealer without that upgrade (if I am going to have to pull it out anyway...why pay for it?) Any idea about how much that stock cd/tape player cost (how much money will I be putting in the closet to collect dust?)

Also anyone have any good links to info about replacing the stock system? If I there is not any good info out there at this point I may start a site that focuses on stay tuned for some updates.

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