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Recently bought a 2003 WRX wagon. It has been lowered with green s-tech Tein springs, on I think stock struts. They kind of suck. Especially since there are two bumps on the route to work (4 total there and back) that hurt if I go over them wrong or too fast :unhappy:.

I've been searching and researching and thinking back and forth about what to replace them with. I was hoping for something fairly cheap, and will be replacing them myself. My original thought was to get stock springs, although most sets of lowering springs seem to be cheaper than any stock springs I've found. So maybe some lowering springs that don't lower as much? I care nothing about the look of a lowered car, but I guess with the more I read I might be interested in the better handling (performance car newb here btw). Another thing to keep in mind is that I plan to be able to take this car, not necessarily off-road, but on some very poor dirt and gravel roads and don't want to be bottoming out because of lower springs. So I'm looking for opinions based on all that, and possibly some more sources for stock springs.

And also, what are these 2003 SUBARU IMPREZA 2.0L H4 Turbocharged Strut / Coil Spring / Mount Assembly | RockAuto? They seem very cheap for a strut and spring combo package.

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