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For Sale:

-Stock WRX Shifter Lever (replaced with Kartboy)- 5,000 miles, works fine. Make an offer...

-TurboXS Blow Off Valve Type H-RFL and WRX adapter kit. Paid like $179.00 for BOV and $39.00 for adapter kit. Used for like 7,000 miles. Sounds great (scares pedestrians), works great, and takes like 10 min to idling problems or loss of power. Basically, its definitely not a quiet sound and after receiving a ticket I need to go incognito style. $140 (plus shipping) for BOV and adapter OBO.

-Ummm, I’ve also got the stock WRX muffler (no piping, just the can) for sale because I hacked that sucka’ and just made a straight pipe with a nice tip. Anyways prefer local (bay area) but will ship...(except shipping will probably cost more than what I want for this thing). Make an offer...
(email... [email protected])
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