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Hey all,

A while back I bought an old school GReddy Type S blow off valve for my WRX, not doing much research on whether it would be a simple install or not. It came with a flange that was supposed to be used for welding onto an aluminum pipe so I spoke with one of the guys from ETS asking what pipes I should replace and instead I was directed to figure out what the tube size is on the stock bov so that I can find a push in adaptor that fits instead.

Here is what I was told = You will need something like this: - I don't think that is the correct size. You will need to measure your stock BOV and see what size tube it uses.

I thought I'd ask around to see if anybody knows in the hopes of maybe saving a little time.

IMG_6075.jpg IMG_6074.jpg IMG_6073.jpg IMG_6072.jpg
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