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Sticking throttle

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Hello fellas! I've been searching this form and Google for a while now looking for this issue I have with my car.... i have an 05 saab 9 2x linear 2.5 manual. I would have posted this on the Saab forum but considering my car is the same as a WRX I figured this site would have a higher chance of getting a response.... I have a really bad throttle sticking issue. Every time I shift at anything over 3000 RPMs the throttle will either Spike or hold the RPMs until I tap the throttle again. It's worse if it's really cold outside. And it's progressively getting worse. The other day I tried to beat a stoplight and my throttle stuck at 6500 RPMs bouncing off the rev limiter Kickin it did nothing I had to put my foot behind the pedal and rip it up to get it to stop. Had I've been driving an automatic I would have definitely smashed into the guy in front of me. I was going to do basic stuff like clean the throttle body and things of that nature before I start changing out parts. But changing out Parts wouldn't be the end of the world because I plan to turn this car into my performance vehicle after I get another daily driver. I have drive-by-wire throttle system... any thoughts or recommendations?
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Thanks I was planning to try that this weekend. I haven't really looked into it much because the weather has been blow 0 everyday for the past like 2 months....
I am used to a "cable" being connected from the gas pedal to a throttle body. "drive-by-wire" implies you have some electronic connection to the TB. Is that the case?

If you indeed have a cable system, then of course you could lube the cable and linkages as well as clean the TB. But I would guess as Anarekist says, it is the TB which needs cleaning.
Yeah I'm about certain that the throttle is electronically run like I say I haven't got much of a chance to really dig into it since I got the car about a month ago it's been super cold and I don't have a heated garage.... but from what I understand 05 was the first year they started using the drive-by-wire electronic throttle instead of the cable....
So after some messing around I think it's the pedal itself I lubed it and it seems to have helped I'll know for sure with in a few days....
It seemed to work fine for about a month now it's stick so terrible I can't even drive I was going to replace the sensors on the throttle body and the pedal itself cuz there's two of them but I can't find the part to save my life does anyone know what they're called I looked up throttle position sensor and a few other different names and I couldn't find anything but one single part in a foreign website that is in Russian or something that I can't read
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