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Glenn Wallace has launched a new STi forum entitled STi Buki.

STi Buki Forums

STi Buki is a website dedicated to the North American Subaru Impreza WRX STi (2.5).

So who is welcome here?

Buki owners! (2.5 STi)
Anyone taller than 5'5"
Forester XT owners! (2.5 Turbo)
GDx STi owners (bug-eye and facelift, UK, Australia, Europe, Japan....)
Anyone shorter than 5'5"
Subaru nuts!

OK, so where did this STi Buki name come from?

C'mon over and find out.

STi Buki is not meant to challenge for traffic or technical content, it's just a place for STi nuts to get together and have "small coffee shop talk" about Buki.
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