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2005 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon
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Okay, first things first, is my steering wheel stock or not? It's definitely Subaru OEM, but between a few facebook groups, NASIOC, and here, it's about 50/50 on whether or not this wheel came stock on 04-05 wagons. Some say it's from a Forester, Outback, etc. while some say several wheels were stock (including this one) and were options. I rarely see it anywhere and have yet to see it on a blobeye wrx.


Regardless, it's falling apart and it's not just worn leather. This momo feels like it's a multi-piece wheel and the pieces are starting to separate. So, I figured to save myself the stress, I would just pick up another wrx/sti wheel and throw it on instead. Now my question is, will there be any fitment issues with this airbag by switching to a wheel like this?

I was also considering ordering a wrap kit like this if the wheel will fit, that way overall condition of the new wheel wouldn't matter.

Overall thoughts?
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